A girl in Nepal holds up a blade of grass and what could be either a feather or a grass flower with mountains and a town in the background

Emergency Relief: Help Protect Children From Harm

Monsoons. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Floods.

Right now, natural disasters and climate shock threaten children’s lives around the world. From Bangladesh to Puerto Rico, children urgently need our help.

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, UNICEF moves swiftly to provide lifesaving emergency support including clean water, nutrition, protection, shelter and health care. UNICEF also works to help get children back to learning so they can regain a sense of normalcy and get back to doing what kids do best — build the future.

UNICEF and UNICEF USA are committed to helping affected children and families survive and stay safe and healthy.

Your gift will help support the immediate needs of children affected by natural disasters.

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