A girl in Nepal holds up a blade of grass and what could be either a feather or a grass flower with mountains and a town in the background

Help Rohingya Survive Monsoon Season

There are over 500,000 Rohingya refugee children in overcrowded camps in Bangladesh. No one would choose to live that way. But to these families, who fled Myanmar to escape brutal violence, the camps are a refuge from unspeakable atrocities. Now they face new danger: monsoon and cyclone season.

UNICEF is on the ground. But more help is needed to protect children from dangerous flooding and mudslides, including:

  • Repositioning water storage tanks
  • Moving toilets and water distribution points to higher ground, and elevating latrines that are in lower areas in danger of flooding
  • Chlorinating the water supply, which is already being treated for contamination
  • Immunizing children against water-borne diseases
  • Educating families, most of whom have never experienced a cyclone
  • It’s a race against time and urgent action is needed. Donate to help UNICEF reach the children who desperately need help now.

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